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Take control of your privacy!

For decades the government has illegally viewed and stored your online personal data. Many people do not realize that privacy is a human right according to article 12, in the universal declaration of human rights. Therefore, how can you trust your government if they ignore your human rights? This is an issue that ignores the constitution and goes against your right to privacy.

If you pictured any government ignoring a populations human rights, you would see this as an issue and want to find a solution. Government run programs like XKeyscore which is a search engine like google, but XKeyscore shows all our private emails, passwords, and pretty much everything in between. Prism being another infamous program from the NSA, Prism is a software that stores global internet user’s data by illegally tabbing into unsuspecting countries networks. These programs are said to be only accessible to NSA agents and those with clearance. Therefore, they illegally view our information without any warrants to do so. This issue affects every single person who has used the internet in any way.

It is important that you recognize this as an issue because everyday you are being taken advantage of. The main argument against privacy activist is well if we have nothing to hide, then why should we care? Edward Snowden responded to this by stating “saying you don’t care because you have nothing to hide, is like saying you don’t care about your freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.” The government is looking at everything you type, send, even every inch your device moves, whether you are doing anything wrong or not. That is the issue at hand, all this is done without your permission, warrants, and most importantly without your knowledge.

I hope that by presenting you with the necessary information and tools, you will spread this information to the people in your lives. Because if the government is willing to ignore your human right, they will not just give the power back to any of us when we ask for it. We need to take the initiative together to recover control of our privacy and personal information.